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Welcome to the Outreach Center

At the Outreach Center we meet people
struggling to regain their dignity everyday.
Their struggles are real, their needs are pressing
and their hope is limited.

They are the poor and the homeless. They are the physically, mentally or emotionally ill. They are unemployed. They are those without transportation, food, clothing, childcare, legal help or a network of support. They are without resources in a crisis.

They feel despair, apathy and a lack of hope.
They need you and me and us.
They need the Outreach Center.

Our Mission is helping to give people back their
God-given dignity by transforming lives to
reach their highest potential.

Restoring a shattered life takes time.
By parternering with us you can help transform lives
one at a time, day by day, piece by piece.

Outreach Programs

Tossed & Found

New Leaf Garden



Your Donation will Help Transform Lives


Our Programs
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