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Palates & Pate' 2008 Presenting Sponsor

"IBERIABANK is pleased to partner once again with the Acadiana Outreach Center in presenting Palates and Pate'. We are confident that our investment directly benefits those in most need of our support in the community. The Acadiana Outreach Center meets more than the basic needs of individuals in crisis. The center addresses, in a very positive way, the root problems of so many issues facing our community today. IBERIABANK is proud to be part of that solution." - Pete M. Yuan, IBERIABANK President Lafayette

Palates & Pate' 2008 Da Vinci Sponsors


“At Giles Automotive we are celebrating our 6th year of sponsorship of the Palates & Pate’ event to benefit the Outreach Center. As a board member and volunteer for the Outreach Center I have witnessed first hand the positive impact that this unique organization has on the lives of those who are striving to overcome personal challenges. The greatness of a community can be judged by how it treats those less fortunate, and through its social services, the Outreach Center plays an instrumental role in building on the quality of life we enjoy in Acadiana. At Giles Automotive we believe in giving back to our community, and our partnership with Acadiana Outreach is a rewarding way to build on our corporate citizenship.” – Bob Giles, Giles Automotive



"If the Outreach Center lifts one individual out of the cycle of addiction and homelessness and enables their reentry into society, the benefits to the individual and the community are seismic. The truth is, the Outreach Center has re-enfranchised hundreds of such individuals. Someone who was once a social and economic drain can become a producer and contributor. The community needs to realize that to sustain such a mission is really enlightened self interest. I can think of no better charity, because it is charity with the end goal of ending the dependence on charity. " – Rob Robison, Jefferson StreetMarket 


 “As individuals in our community are faced with unfortunate circumstances, the Acadiana Outreach Center offers a sign of hope and the possibility of a fresh start. This is made possible through the center's mission of teaching “employable skills, communication skills, coping skills & life skills," which can ultimitely lead to a more fulfilling future for those being serviced by this organization. An event such as Palates and Paté is critical to the growth and development of Acadiana Outreach, and it provides companies like Dwight Andrus Insurance the opportunity to invest in the dreams of others. We are proud to once again be a DaVinci sponsor at Palates & Paté, and also to assist in the betterment of families within our community.” – Jimmy Mallia, Dwight Andrus Insurance

“Year after year The Acadiana Outreach Center astounds the community with its good works and compassion to those most in need.  We commend them on these unfaltering efforts and are proud to continue our strong support of this successful fundraising event.” – Bud Barrow, Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center


"The philosophy of Acadiana Outreach Center to help people every day to regain their dignity is echoed by Vermilion Health System.  We are proud to support this philosophy through our continuing relationship with the Outreach Center and as a sponsor of Palates & Pate'.   We applaud Acadiana Outreach Center's efforts to transform lives one at a time, day by day, piece by piece."  - Arthur C. Wagley, Vermilion Health System


“Republic National Distributing Company is very proud, once again, to be involved in “Palates & Pate”.  I have witnessed the great work of the Outreach Center over the years and have seen it grow and impact so many lives in our great community.  I know that their mission of “giving people back their god-given dignity” has been a major success story for our area and I know the community will continue to support them in their plight.  The Gala is an important part of the process and I applaud the sponsors of this spectacular event and urge everyone to get involved.” – Dwight Prudhomme, Republic National Distributing



“The less fortunate in our society are usually good people facing nearly insurmountable problems with few resources and little or no support. These circumstances create unintended situations and choice making that tends to inhibit successful recovery. Through the Outreach Center, the Greater Lafayette community is able to provide sanctuary, support, spiritual revitalization and sustainable behavior change which acts to enhance the opportunity for its clientele to restore their lives and their God given dignity. This organization is a true jewel in the rough. The service it provides benefits all of us in many unspoken ways. Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital is proud to be associated with the Outreach Center as a cohort healthcare provider and nurturer of the human spirit. As CEO of LSSH and a repeat Board member of OC, I am honored to serve and humbled by the continued hard work , dedication and wonderful results achieved by the entire staff as they follow their highly capable leaders. Your support, particularly in these difficult times is gratifying and is the backbone of our ability to meet the growing and critical needs placed on our resources. Thank you more than ever and remember the work done here is for everyone.” – Gary Keller, Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital

  “Our family and staff at Paul's Jewelry are once again proud to be a sponsor with Palates and Pate'.  This will be our 8th year involved with Outreach Services.  More than ever, we realize the importance that OC brings to our community, helping those less fortunate with basic needs along with programs designed for long term employment opportunities. We are very blessed to live and work in such a giving, caring community which is the hallmark of what Acadiana represents.” - P.J. Naomi, President, Paul's Jewelry, Inc.
 “At LHC Group, we are honored to join forces with Acadiana Outreach Center to help the Center continue its good work.  Since our founding in 1994 at our kitchen table in our hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana, our motto has always been, “It’s all about helping people.”  That’s what we do.  So, when we were given an opportunity to help those closer to home and in our local community, we were delighted.  The Outlook Center is known for its work in helping reconnect people with their community – to help the poor and homeless, those suffering from physical, mental and emotional illnesses and those who need a helping hand in regaining their dignity and independence.  We look forward to being a part of helping the Outreach Center continue this life-saving work.  We are very impressed with the Acadiana Outreach Center and commend them for their efforts and dedication to a great cause.” – Keith G. Myers, President and Chief Executive Officer of LHC Group.
 “Acadiana is a special community. Unique and diverse in so many ways; it's a community that's rich in talent, work ethic, and a giving spirit. We share an abundance of blessings. The efforts of the Outreach Center have been paramount in changing lives for the better in Acadiana.    Business First Bank is a community bank, deep in local talent, ownership and leadership. We are conscious of everyone's responsibility to contribute to the well being of our community and we've come to appreciate the unparalleled contribution of the Outreach Center. As a fundraising event, Palate's and Pate' has demonstrated its effectiveness by combining the talents of our local artists with the superior work ethic of our volunteers. We're proud of our community, proud of the efforts of the Outreach Center, proud of the local artists contributing to Palates and Pate' and proud to be involved.” – Mike Guidroz, First Business Bank

Palates & Pate' 2008 Van Gogh Sponsors 


 “Building capacity in an individual is not a “drive-by reform” effort; rather it requires acceptance of the diversity of life experience. The Outreach Center continues to build the self-esteem in these individuals through consistent and passionate support, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Change the person and change the world.” - Robbie Bush, Associated Travel Group 

 “As in the past, Concentric has witnessed first hand the good works in the Lafayette community that the Outreach Center has accomplished. With their attitude that more can be done, it is imperative now more than ever that we as a community rally behind these good works in support of Palates and Pate' as this is the vehicle by which they sustain themselves throughout the year. It has been established in such a fashion that we can all feel like "Cheerful Givers.” I hope that we can all feel the blessing that this opportunity to participate has given us.” – David Wilson, Concentric Pipe & Rental Tools



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