Our services restore individuals' dignity by teaching them employable skills, communication skills, coping skills & life skills, in an effort to help them rebuild their lives to self-sufficiency.

We provide over 150,000 units of service each year

For more than sixteen years the Outreach Center has served the Acadiana region by providing poor and homeless citizens with critical services that are not a “hand-out” but rather a “hand-up” designed to empower from fear, despair, and hopelessness to a future with possibilities.

The Outreach Center provides a full "continuum of care" including

  • Basic Services: free clothing & food, transitional shelter
  • Case Management: Comprehensively assessing all clients’ needs, developing an action plan, helping families access housing, employment, and existing government, church, & nonprofit services, then providing unmet needs funding to fill gaps once other options are exhausted.
  • Empowerment & Enrichment: Substance abuse recovery counseling, mental health counseling, life skills training to remove barriers to self-sufficiency.
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