Recovery Homes

The Outreach Center operates five recovery homes: Naomi , Journey, Joshua, Genesis & Monroe

Three homes are halfway houses, where individuals can stay while they begin to rebuild their lives, and the other homes are 3/4 homes , where clients can transition to once reaching a certain level of self-sufficiency. All individuals living in the homes are "dually diagnosed" with both mental illness and substance abuse.

While living in the homes individuals begin the slow process of learning to manage both their mental illness and their substance addiction. As they begin to receive counseling and therapy for substance abuse and mental illness, they also begin to learn life skills, such as budgeting, resume writing, and job seeking.

Living in this community setting with 24-7 guidance and support, they slowly begin to reclaim their dignity, self-confidence and respect for themselves and others.

Here they find not only shelter, but a family that provides support and encouragement. Clients work shoulder to shoulder, helping each other through the transition from a life of hopelessness and pain to one of hope and fulfillment. They find a safe-haven to put the pieces of their lives back together, and enter the workforce and community as new person.


Every month our 7 shelters need the following supplies to maintain a clean, healthy enviornment: 

Toilet Paper - 2,500 rolls

Paper Towels - 1,000 rolls

Washing Powder - 750 lbs.

Clorox - 75 gallons

Pine-Sol - 50 gallons

Lysol Spray - 100 cans per month

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid - 25 bottles

Liquid Hand Soap - 30 / 32 oz. bottles 


Liquid Body Wash - 30 / 16 oz. bottles

33 Gallon Trash Bags - 14 rolls / 96 bags

Comet - 20 / 16 oz. cans

Furniture Polish - 10 cans

Mr. Clean - 20 / 16 oz. cans

All Purpose Clorox Cleanser - 75 / 32 oz. spray bottles

Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 75 / 20 oz. squirt bottles

Razors - 60 / 12 per pack


Donations can be dropped off at Acadiana Outreach Center's Well.Mart Donations Area, downtown Lafayette at 125 S. Buchanan St. (at the corner of Second and Buchanan), Monday through Friday between 8:30am - 5:30pm.

To make a donation or for more information email Sandi Degeyter or call 237-7618.

Your Donation will Help Transform Lives


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