At the Outreach Center we meet people
struggling to regain their dignity everyday.
Their struggles are real, their needs are pressing
and their hope is limited.

They are the poor and the homeless. They are the physically, mentally or emotionally ill. They are unemployed. They are those without transportation, food, clothing, childcare, legal help or a network of support. They are without resources in a crisis.

They feel despair, apathy and a lack of hope.
They need you and me and us.
They need the Outreach Center.

Our Mission is helping to give people back their
God-given dignity by transforming lives to
reach their highest potential.

Restoring a shattered life takes time.
By parternering with us you can help transform lives
one at a time, day by day, piece by piece.

In 2006 we served 4,044 men, women & children...and more than 500 evacuees.

At the Outreach Center we provide families in poverty with full continuum of services including emergency and transitional shelter, skills training, housing and employment programs, licensed addiction and mental health treatment centers.

The Outreach Center has also initiated strategic scaling via start-ups and mergers/acquisitions resulting in 380% increase in low-income clients served from 1,500/yr to 5,700/yr with vital social services to 16,800 low-income people over the last five years.

We have also instituted sustainable volunteer programs providing annually 46,000 service hours/22 full-time employee equivalents and developed internationally-recognized award-winning service learning partnership with state university’s colleges engaging 500+ students working with people in poverty for artistic and horticulture enterprises and architecture design/build projects for social services, affordable housing (2003-2008).

In addition, we have also implemented a regional client information management technology system (ServicePoint) for nonprofits and government agencies improving client outcomes, and providing governments and NGOs with quantifiable data of Louisiana citizens’ needs

The Outreach Center has also been honored to receive national recognition for best-practices in innovation (2005-2007); we have instituted a corporate culture of innovation, cascading leadership, and creativity with sustainable, replicable systems and standards of excellence across departments.

The Outreach Center prioritizes fiscal responsibility and is committed to transparency amongst the people we serve, our donors and volunteers, investors, and our community.  We invite you to view our 2008 Audit Report and our 2007 Tax Return.  If you have any questions please contact us at (337) 237-7618.

Your Donation will Help Transform Lives


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