Save for a Rainy Day

Every Day We're Saving

At the Outreach Center we've learned that every day is a rainy day for someone in our community. We're working hard to let these men, women and children know that there is shelter from the many storms of life.

By providing needed aid, we reach out to 100 to 150 people each day. But every day, we struggle to find the necessary tools to help shelter them.

Every day we're saving. And now you can help save lives by saving dollars. By saving just a little, you can help us save so much.

Your participation is desperately needed to continue providing vital services for our neighbors in need. Please join the Acadiana Outreach Savings Plan now!

Who'll stop the rain? YOU can.

To join the Acadiana Outreach Center Savings Plan and help someone's rainy day, make a tax deductible monthly pledge of $5, $10, $20, or more!

Savings Plan contributors will receive an annual newsletter and financial information form the Outreach Center.

Bank drafts may be canceled at any time simply by notifying your bank.

Your Donation will Help Transform Lives


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